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If you are seeking to bring a loved one to the United States or wish to invest in a U.S. business and live in the United States, you have come to the right place.

Plano Immigration Attorney Wendy Whitt is dedicated to immigration matters, especially those involving reuniting loved ones and bringing employees and business investors to the U.S.

Genuine Empathy

Wendy has personally experienced the struggles of immigration. Wendy, herself, tried to bring her fiancé to the United States. Though the visa was granted, his home country of Iraq needed him and he had to stay.

Wendy cares and she understands what you are going through. Her own heartache has inspired her commitment to her clients and helping them make a life for themselves in the United States.

Plano Headquarters – Worldwide Reach

Wendy has a brick and mortar office in Plano (north of Dallas) where she personally handles all consultations.

Not in Texas? Wendy can still help. By implementing today’s technologies such as our online case management system and Skype, it is more convenient and affordable than ever for Wendy to walk you through each step of the often long and arduous immigration process.

You Are Not Alone

Immigration law and its constant evolution can be overwhelming and confusing. We can help.