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President’s Executive Actions on Immigration

Important notice: These initiatives have not yet been implemented, and USCIS is not accepting any requests or applications at this time. Beware of anyone who offers to help you submit an application or a request for any of these actions before they are available. You could become a victim of an immigration scam.  On November […]

5 Ways Migrant Children Can Stay in the U.S.

The administration estimates as many as 90,000 unaccompanied children from Latin America will be apprehended at the border by the end of September.  President Obama insists most of them will be sent home.  He’s wrong. There are at least five ways a migrant child can gain legal status in the United States: 1.  Asylum Asylum […]

Immigration Options for Iraqis

immigration options for iraqis

Despite the escalating sectarian violence in Iraq, there are currently no immigration programs allowing Iraqis to travel easily to the United States. Instead, Iraqis must turn to traditional immigration programs or one of two resettlement options. Immigration options for Iraqi nationals include: 1. Asylum Iraqi refugees who are inside the United States or able to […]

What’s Your Family’s Immigration Story?

Family Immigration

Though each family’s immigration story shares the veins of love, making a better life, hoping for the future, and wanting to be together, every family’s story is unique.  No family shares the exact same circumstances, challenges, and goals.  Therefore, each immigration plan must be customized to match the family.  No immigration plan is a one-size-fits-all; […]

Can my fiance’s children accompany her to the United States?

K-2 Visa

Yes! Once you have petitioned and your fiancé has been approved to submit a K-1 visa application, your fiancé’s children may apply for a K-2 visa in order to travel to the U.S. with her.  To apply for a K-2 visa, you must have an approved fiance visa petition, and the children must be under […]

What Happens After My Fiance Visa Petition is Approved?


Congratulations on your Fiance Visa Petition approval!  So what’s next? Our clients often ask us what happens after a Fiance Visa Petition is approved. Navigating the petition and visa application process can be confusing and overwhelming. So, below we have put together a short guide to help you understand the process and how we will […]

Employer Alert: 2014 H-1B Visas Severely Limited

If an employer doesn’t apply for H-1B visas on April 1, 2014 (the earliest day to apply), it’s likely that the application will be rejected. H-1B visas for capped employees are severely limited and are likely to be capped-out in just one day. If you miss the deadline, your business (and your bottom-line) will be […]

Can my fiance visit me in the U.S. while waiting for her K-1 visa?

The waiting period once your fiancé has submitted her visa application can be difficult. However, it may be possible for your fiancé to visit you in U.S. while her K-1 visa application is pending. If you wish for a temporary visit to the U.S. while the application for a fiance visa is being processed, you […]

What is a certified copy

  Here’s one of the most frequently asked questions new clients have: “What is a certified copy?”   During the immigration process, original or certified copies of important documents like birth certificate are required.   A certified copy of a document is a copy of an original document that contains an endorsement or certificate that […]

Broken Promises

When the United States military entered Iraq, we did so with virtually zero ability to interpret the local language and customs.  Throughout the years, thousands of Iraqis stepped forward to act as interpreters, advisers and personnel security specialists for the U.S. military.  There is no doubt their work saved many American lives. These Iraqis have […]