Business Immigration VisaThat’s what we liked about America, the land of opportunity. All your dreams can come true.
– Rick Danko

America is considered a land of opportunity where people, from around the world, can come to make their fortunes, get a good education, or be free to live in safety and peace with those they love. American opportunity is protected by the U.S. Constitution and law.

Because the United States benefits from the influx of foreign national investments, experiences, culture, and technology, thousands of people are welcomed into America on business related visas each year.

In fact, one of the primary goals of business immigration attorney Wendy Whitt is to help investors (and their families) enter and live in the United States. If you are willing to invest significant monies in a U.S. based business and create jobs, you may be welcomed and given a green card.

  • If you have a green card, you are allowed to enter, live in, work, and reenter the United States.
  • The green card is permanent under most circumstances and you are welcome to apply for citizenship when you meet the residency qualifications.Wendy is willing to help business investors and their families come to the United States regardless of which state they choose to relocate to – Texas, California, New York, North Carolina, etc. As an immigration attorney, she is licensed to practice under U.S. immigration laws, throughout the entire country and world.In addition to business investors, Wendy helps U.S. businesses and foreign national workers, especially highly trained workers, work together.
  • Temporary visas can be granted to specialty workers, agricultural workers, trainees, seasonal workers, workers with extraordinary abilities, and intra-company transferees.
  • Green cards can be granted to those who qualify for permanent residence such as researchers, scientists, professors, international managers, professionals with advanced degrees, persons with exceptional ability, skilled workers, religious workers, and treaty investors.

Wendy is the “go to” business immigration attorney for investors – as well as those companies who wish to bring a foreign national to the United States to work. You are invited to contact her at 214-431-5237.

Temporary Visas

E-2: Treaty Investors

E-3 Visa for Australian Nationals

F-1 Student Visa

H-1B Visas: Individuals in specialty occupations

H-2A Visas: Seasonal Agricultural Workers

H-2B Visas: Seasonal Workers

H-3 Visas: Trainees

J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor Program)

 L-1 Visas: Intra-company transferees

O Visas: Extraordinary Ability

TN Visa (Citizens of Canada and Mexico)

Permanent Residence (“Green Cards”)

EB-1: Researchers, Scientists, Professors, International Managers

EB-2: Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Persons with Exceptional Ability

EB-3: Bachelor’s degree, Skilled Workers

EB-4: Special Immigrant Visas

 EB-5: Investment Green Cards


If you have questions about investing or business immigration, contact Wendy today.

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