Marriage Green Card

I Know How You Feel

You don’t know where to start.

Maybe you don’t even know if immigration is possible for you or your loved one.  Your friends and relatives don’t know how to help you.  Even those who went through the process can’t really relate.  U.S. immigration law changes so fast.

Your family is depending on you to handle this.  The more you read about your problem, the more you worry.

I was once in your shoes.  Even though I had a law degree and years of training as an attorney, I didn’t know where to start to bring my fiance to the United States.

The immigration websites gave conflicting information.  I spent hours reading, researching and worrying.

My colleagues, especially those serving in the United States government, told me it could never be done.  That I would never get the visa.

wedding couple on bridgeThey were wrong.

Two years later,  I started my own practice devoted to helping people immigrate to the United States.  And for more than five years I’ve spent every day helping people just like you reunite with their loved ones.


If you are ready to take the first step, give us a call at 214-431-5237 or Schedule a Consultation.


Not ready yet?  Here’s some information I’ve prepared to help you learn about the marriage visa process:

Can My Fiance Marry Me on a Visitor Visa?

Marriage Green Card FAQs

How to Prepare for (and get the most out of) Your First Meeting with an Immigration Attorney


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