What’s Your Family’s Immigration Story?

Immigration StoryThough each family’s immigration story shares the veins of love, making a better life, hoping for the future, and wanting to be together, every family’s story is unique.  No family shares the exact same circumstances, challenges, and goals.  Therefore, each immigration plan must be customized to match the family.  No immigration plan is a one-size-fits-all; in fact, one size fits none.

Here are the stories of a few of our beloved clients.  We are proud to have helped in bringing families together, making a better life, and – now – telling their story.

Amar and Zhara’s Family Immigration Story

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Amar stepped forward to translate for the U.S. Army.  He hoped his efforts would help heal his country.  Instead, he was treated as a traitor and marked for death by insurgents.  He and his brothers were repeatedly threatened with death.

Amar applied for and received refugee visas for himself, his brothers, and his mother, Zhara.  However, Zhara did not want to leave her home country and decided to stay behind.

A few years later she travelled to the U.S. to visit her sons.  When the terrorists discovered she was in the U.S., they delivered threatening letters to her home with bullets attached to demonstrate their intent to murder her.  The letters explicitly stated that she would be killed if she returned to Iraq.

Amar brought Zhara to our office just a few weeks before her visitor visa status was to expire.  As you might imagine, she was in tears.  Amar wanted to add her to his refugee case.  We explained that was impossible but that she had a strong case for asylum.

We prepared detailed affidavits for Amar, Zhara, and other family members explaining the threats she would face if she returned to Iraq.  We attended her asylum interview and provided volumes of evidence, showing the threats faced by Iraqis affiliated with the U.S. government, and presented a written argument.

Fifteen days after her interview, Zhara was granted asylum.  She remains safe with her sons and their families here in the U.S. 

Tammi and Peter’s Family Immigration Story

Tammi and her girlfriends planned to take a girls’ trip to Jamaica.  When her girlfriends cancelled, Tammi decided to go on vacation alone.

While walking on the beach, she met Peter, a local artist.  Peter invited her to attend a local fair and they exchanged phone numbers.  After a week of romantic dates and all night conversations, Tammi fell in love with Peter.  She made additional trips to Jamaica to visit him and on her third trip, Peter proposed.

Upon her return to the U.S., Tammi visited us for a consultation.  We decided the fastest way to bring Peter to the U.S. would be a fiancé visa.

A few months later (on New Year’s Eve), Peter’s fiance visa was issued, and he and Tammi celebrated their wedding in the U.S. with her close friends and family.

Jason and Valentina’s Family Immigration Story

Jason, a U.S. college student, met Valentina, a fashion model from Argentina, on a website for Christian singles.  They spent months emailing each other and chatting on Skype, talking about their common interest in travelling and volunteering for Christian missions.

Jason worked hard to save money from his part-time job to plan a trip to Argentina to meet Valentina in person, and he proposed during his visit.  He returned six months later to marry her.

After returning from the wedding, Jason met with us to learn how to bring Valentina to the U.S.  Because he had very little income, we developed a plan for his parents to jointly sponsor his wife.

Valentina received her marriage green card six months later.  She and Jason remain happily married.

What Will Your Family’s Immigration Story Be?

Will your story be that you made a better life for your children, that you kept a loved one safe, or that you simply married the man or woman of your dreams?  If your story is yet unwritten, contact us and we’ll help you to write your own family immigration story.  Your story continues at 214-431-5237.

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